One Step Closer to Your Closing

Protecting your information is our paramount concern

Wire fraud and email hacking/phishing attacks are on the increase. Please do not hesitate to reach out to your appointed closing team with even the slightest doubt or concern.

Protect against wire fraud

To help protect against wire fraud, your dedicated closing team will only send wire instructions using the following two methods:

  1. Secure encrypted email address from your closing team which will require a one-time password.
  2. With your Zillow Closing Services closing document package preview sent from a secure encrypted email.

We will NEVER change our wiring instructions. If you receive wire instructions that are different from the wire instructions received using the two secure methods above:

  1. Consider it fraudulent, even if it appears to have come from us.  We never email wire instructions outside of the secure methods above.
  2. Immediately call your closing team using a phone number provided to you in your Opening Package.
  3. Do NOT send the wire until confirming the wire instructions with your closing team or call our dedicated customer service team to verify wire instructions before sending:  (833)-927-1616.

American Land Title Association:

Be Vigilant

Call don’t email: Confirm your wiring instructions by phone using a known number before transferring funds. Don’t use phone numbers or links from an email.

Be suspicious: It’s uncommon for title companies to change wiring instructions and payment information by email.

Forward, don’t reply: When responding to an email, hit forward instead of reply and then start typing in the person’s email address. Criminals use email addresses that are very similar to the real one for a company. By typing in email addresses, you will make it easier to discover if a fraudster is after you.

Protect Your Money

Verify immediately: Call the title company or real estate agent to validate that the funds were received. The sooner it is detected that money has been sent to a wrong account, the better chance you have of recovering the money.

Contact us

Any questions? Give us a call or send us an email — we’re here to help.